Friday, 23 March 2012

The Crowd Fund

As many of you may know, I was unable to obtain match funding for my Japanese trip from Wales, so set up a page on a crowd-funding website to obtain this. The Sasakawa Foundation in Japan kindly gave me 100,000 yen (about 800 pounds) but this would have been barely enough to cover travel, both to/from and within the country.

So, I set up a page on Sponsume... And I am very pleased to announce that I hit my 800 pound target!

Thank you VERY much to: Anthony Fairweather (x 3!); Sam & Sarah Collins; Sara Constable; Lily Ayre; Sarah Snell-Pym: R H Morgan; Clare Ferguson-Walker; Clare Potter; Jeremy Dixon; Tim Brenan; Laura Howe; Nicholas Whitehead; Gregg & Angela Platt; Tony Lewis-Jones and the Various Artists; Daffni Percival; Jaci Dunsford; Elin ap Hywel; Lucy Caldwell; Karin Mear; Attila the Stockbroker; Hazel Saville; Howard 'Wood' Ingham; Lynn Roberts; Leona Carpenter; Rhys Jones; Luke Wright; Cheryl Beer; Sophie Thomas; Huw Ellis; Maura Hazelden; Deirdre Brannigan; Fiona Winter; A F Harold, Matthew Hollands.

YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!!! Many thanks indeed!!!!!

Mab xxx

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