Thursday, 15 March 2012

In Japan!

So, I finally made it to Japan! A flight cancellation, followed by a delay, missed connection, re-routing via Korea, and lost baggage could not stop me!!! (Though, I did get my baggage back, eventually.)

So far, I have seen several temples (impossible not to, really, in Kyoto, where there are more temples/shrines than there are bus stops) and eaten various delicious native foods, e.g. omurice, a lovely mound of rice wrapped in an omelette-y jackey. It looks like an Eskimo wearing a yellow parka. But, it tastes delicious! I also went to this great sake bar with a photographer friend and got introduced to several types of the famous rice wine. Tasty, as well as dangerous! The sweetness belies its potent alcoholic content. Must be more careful in future....! ;-)

Now I am looking forward to performing on Sunday. Speak soon!!! x

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