Saturday, 7 March 2009

Jam Bones

Ladyboys and gentlemen, whores and girls -

Apologies for my long blogspot absence. This has been caused by many, er, causes, not least of all the fact that I have now set up my own events organising group, name of JAM BONES. Here is our blurb:

Jam Bones is a new n original organising organism which promises a sexciting n sintittilating soup of performance poetry (meat), as well as stand-up, sit-on-it, musick, magick, n more (veg).

Basically bi-monthly, but with the odd inbetween happening, Jam Bones will offer unique n unusual one-off events: events that put the come into comedy and give the word "funny" an unmistakable capital "f", whilst simultaneously placing a pinky into the pulsating poop-shoot of our poetic capital shitty.

With a preference for "finales" rather than "headliners", and with a definite anti-PC ante, each event will be a thematic theatrical spectacle, succulently suckable and unashamedly amiable; a sonorous assault that will shiver your timbres and leave your grey cells singing for mooooore.

Key words: dark; satire; punk; fun; wit; glam; edge; amoral; ambient; amorous; cliterary; surreal; free-stylin'; anything goes!!!

Please see here for more:

I will be back within the week with new poems n writings for y'all. Until then - thanks you for your follow-age!

M xxx

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