Friday, 5 July 2013


I can't say that this poem is about me... It's about some ladies I know, though, and who I wouldn't mind being like... It's about a feeling I sometimes feel, though normally I am happy to help people out... It's also inspired by this amazeballs Superman dress that was just made for me by Nelly's Treasures, who share the upstairs balcony space with my Queen Mab shop in Cardiff Fashion Quarter... Hope you like it, anyways x

I am a superwoman with a superwoman’s needs
A superwoman’s super good at doing super deeds
But sometimes, well, it’s super-swell
To not be super, just to dwell
In the ‘woman’ part of who I am and simply be
This super greed can supersede the need you have for me
And if I don’t I won’t be able
Next time that the world’s unstable
Next time there’s a perilous plot
Next time some crazed soul has got
The earth to ransom and near-ruin
I won’t be there, I’ll be doing
Other things because you didn’t let me have some rest
I’m super sorry, but don’t worry, now it’s off my chest
You’ll understand my needs which aren’t so super after all
High flyers sometimes tire, need to stop or else they fall...
So for today, I’m not that super
Go away, and let that blooper
That mistake, that fatal blunder
Be your own, I’m all snowed under
                                                            My superwoman suit has just been washed and isn’t dry, yet
                                                            I’m super sick of all of this, and want to just ask why it’s
                                                            Always me (or Superman),
                                                            When the shit has hit the fan
                                                            You call upon instead of seeing what you might do on your own?
                                                            I am a super being but before, weren’t you alone?
                                                            My kryptonite is every fight you don’t need me to do
                                                            So, go away, because today, that super being’s YOU.

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