Friday, 22 February 2013

The Political Compass

Someone reminded me today about the fact that I am featured on the 'Aryan Untiy' website, in their 'Red Watch' section, for my rhyming poetical crimes against fascism. It's kind of like a 'most wanted' list; it means I am considered a danger to those delightful people we call neo-Nazis. I can't remember which poem it was, particularly, which offended them... Perhaps the one about pubic hair styles around Wales *wink*.
Anyway, before I nip to Newport to see the lovely Pam Ayres this evening, I thought I would take the Political Compass test to see where my politics lie... Lie as in sit, rather than tell a porky, or lounge lazing on a chez longe of course... So, I took this test, here be the result:

Yay! I am still more left wing than the Dalai fricking Lama! This makes me happy indeed. Happy Friday, comrades!!!


teifidancer said...

wow just did this I'm 3 green blocks down from you
flipping eck...... I thought I was such a tolerant old soul, and thanks.regards

Mab Jones said...

3 blocks isn't too far, considering where both I and the Dalai Lama are... I think this still makes us the goodies ;-)