Thursday, 9 February 2012

On Nipple Tassles & Other Important Matters

I had the great pleasure of recording a podcast with the lovely folk at Hack/Flash recently. This terrific trio is made up of Helia Phoenix, Carl Morris, and Lee Marshall, and they were a delight to talk to. I would like to say they are as bright as buttons, but buttons are not very bright, really - well, not the ones I've seen - so I will just say they are as bright as the brightest thing you, dearest reader, can possibly imagine, and as sharp as the sharpest thing your mind can conjure (though, veer your imagination away from knives, and other hurt-y things, and instead towards sharp-yet-pleasant things, such as running your nails along your own palm, or those of your lover... or is that just me?). What I really like about this triangular team, however, is the fact that they all have numerous projects on the go - Helia is the hepcat behind the We Are Cardiff project; Carl is the hipster who brings us the inspired Sleeveface; and Lee is a talented and tenacious musician, operating under the name of, amongst others, Underpass.

For some reason (perhaps because I was there, and I have the sense of humour of a 12-year old boy, and I still read Viz and think 'Johnny Fart-Pants' is the funniest this *ever*), we seemed to talk about men' and ladies' 'bits and bobs' a fair amount in this one, as well as various other topics, most of which I cannot remember, but which I do remember being very interesting, and so you should definitely listen to the podcast, by clicking the logo below-oh. Enjoy!!!

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