Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Useless/Useful Things Competition

Spurred on by the useless/useful nature of the Banana Guard, I have decided to conduct a small competition. Write a poem (ode, ballad, villanelle, blank verse, etc) dedicated to, or inspired by, one of the least, or most, useful things you know of, and you could win a prize!!

Since I am going to be in a book called 'Ten of the Best', the best of the poems received shall win a copy of the book as 1st prize. Second and third will win smaller prizes, taken from the Mountains of Crap I seem to accumulate (cool crap, tho! I promise).

Please send your poems to: mabananajones(at)

Winners will be announced on the 13th July, at the Ten of the Best launch at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff.


Kath said...

Top banana, Mab - that is such a great idea for a competition!

Mab Jones said...

Yay!!! Please feel free to enter. Deadline is tomorrow!!!