Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Things I Have Done & Enjoyed Recently (In No Particular Order)

(1) Bicycle ride to Great Falls in Maryland state (yes, I cycled 14 miles! My thighs thanks me)

(2) July 4th fireworks in the capital (Big Bird & Obama onstage was a cheese-laden high!)

(3) Visited the Native American Museum in Washington

(4) Ate crab cakes at Dupont Circle, a cooooool place

(5) Saw fireflies!!!

(6) Went on twilight bus tour of DC

(7) Saw Obama!!! (Yes, I really did!)

(8) Saw lots of houses with bars on the windows (Washington outskirts)

(9) Saw some Amish people (at Reading Terminal Markey, Philadelphia)

(10) Visited East State Penitentiary (that's where Im off to now....)

Fun! :D


Zerilda The Superfluous Blogger said...

i'm still stuck on 'big bird and obama onstage'. that's just bizarre. was i supposed to be high before reading this? i'll just go get some more ibuprofin and see if that helps.

Mab Jones said...

Ha ha!!! Actually, they werent on at the same time... Obama was the opening act; Big Bird was the headliner :)

Zerilda The Superfluous Blogger said...

in my head, they were on at the same time. it's much more fun that way.

EW said...

Wow to be in the captial for 4th July! How cool.

Hope you are having an amazing time!!

Emma W