Thursday, 25 June 2009

SYD: Day 2

There are lots of differences and similarities between Wales and the US, and I am making new discoveries daily. Here are some things I have noted so far:

(1) American toilets have bigger seats, and the water level is much higher up (so, more danger of "splash-back"), than our own. Logically, I guess this means (a) that Yanks have larger bottoms than ourselves, and (b) that their detritus is - a different density (!?)

(I am sorry to put this first, but it IS the first difference I discovered when I got off the plane!)

(2) When you enter a store, staff will say "hello, how are you?" - but, you are not expected to answer.

(3) Americans are more curious, and more friendly, than I would have supposed :)

(4) If you say something funny, Americans will say "you're so funny" - every time.

(5) Americans are very fond of wearing 3/4 length trousers, a little bit like combat trousers, made with quite thick material, and ofter khaki coloured. Its like a sort of summer uniform.

(6) Americans DO understand irony!!!

(7) They have bigger everything here, and more variety - people, plants, animals, etc. I have eaten yellow watermelon and chicken thigh as big as my own, so far.

(8) They are very polite here, and even young people will move out your way saying "I'm sorry", without any trace of resentment/sarcasm. (wow!)

(9) If you express even a slightly negative opinion, then you are "cranky". Positivity rules aok.

(10) People tend to follow the rules. They dont break them for the sake of breaking them (unlike me). However, the rules in many instances are more relaxed than our own eg in art galleries, where there are less "watchers" (staff) and you can go closer to the exhibits. Everyone assumes the art work will not be touched. But, they assumed wrong...

Im off to the National Gallery now, frends. See ya!!! x


Zerilda The Superfluous Blogger said...

you can understand, then, why i do not at ALL like the cardiff art museum, where we were informed we should be getting my 3 year old away from the art NOW!

THANK YOU ! for number 6. we do get it. mostly. except on tuesdays, which is traditionally an irony-free day. unless you're an iron-monger. then it's wednesdays.

lastly, sorry about my huge *ss.

Mab Jones said...

Thank you, "Zerilda". How the divil are you??? Email me here so I can bug you:

MJ x